All In A Dream

I opened my eyes to see the azure water before me. I felt the salty breeze over my right cheek and the grit of the sand on my left.  Slowly, I turned to lie on my back.  Above me were the softly swaying fronds of the palm.  Beyond the tree, there were soft feathered clouds floating along with the occasional bird gliding by. 

How did I come to be here?  I could not recall.  I closed my eyes tightly trying to recall. Nothing came to my mind.  Slowly, I sat up and looked around me.  The beach went on and on finally disappearing around a tall cliff that seemed to come from nowhere.  To the left of me, the beach continued on until it reached a peninsula.  I looked out over the ocean to see only water and sky.  There was nothing else.  A few birds of some tropical type soared overhead calling to one another. 

Absently brushing the sand from my cheek and arm, I slowly stood.  My legs felt weak as though not used for a very long while.  I felt my stomach ache for food but paid it no mind. 

Where was this place?  How had I come to be here?  I knew I didn’t live here…did I?  With that thought, I stopped short.  Did I?  With a panic that threatened to stop my heart, I realized I did not know where I lived..and in that second, I also realized I had no idea who I was. 

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