A Means to an End

She actually looked long and hard in the mirror to verify her very existence.  She glared at the drab brown hair and the average brown eyes.  Those brown eyes skated over the skin that fought with acne every day and over the clothing that once belonged to, at least, one other person before reaching her.  Essie Hadden felt as though she really didn’t exist.  Essie felt that no one else saw her and Essie believed that nothing would ever be better in her life.  That was, unless she caused things to change.

Essie had no ambition and she had no imagination.  She did nothing but go to a job she hated then come home to a house she hated which was shared with a father she hated.  Once in the house, she had to clean and cook and serve her hated father until it was time to go to bed.  She slept fitfully nearly every night, then woke the next day to the same routine. 

Her job was just as hateful as her home life.  Essie was one of several in an office where the other women normally spent their time, when not getting just barely enough work done to get by, gossiping about everyone else..especially Essie.   The others had created an entire scenario about Essie and why she acted and looked as she did.  None of their imaginary tales came close to the truth.  They didn’t know anything about her, and they didn’t care to find out.  That was the part Essie didn’t understand.  Why did no one care enough to even find out anything about her?  They looked past her if they thought she was looking their way and never spoke to her.  So, as she did often, Essie glared into the mirror to be sure she was truly there at all…………

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