A Means to an End-part 3

Monday morning came and nothing changed.  Essie hurried to get out of the house before her father woke, but she was met at the back door by a slap to the face.

“You thought  you were just going to leave?  Where’s my breakfast, bitch?”  He growled at her as he wrapped her long hair around his hand and pulled her roughly back to the kitchen.

“I am going to be late to work.” She tried to speak calmly. 

“You think I care?  Stupid.  Fix my eggs. And I want bacon.”  He sat down and rested his scaly elbows on the table.

Essie just took a slow deep breath, careful not to let him hear her exhale. He had punched her once for that very reason.   Slowly, she pulled the skillet from the cabinet and cooked his breakfast. 

When Essie finally made it to the office, most of the others had gone to lunch.  She went to her cubicle and began working.  At the end of the day, as Essie left the building, she realized no one had even mentioned her late arrival.  They hadn’t even noticed she wasn’t there.  It was just too much.  As Essie slowly drove home, she felt a coldness come over her. Suddenly, she felt no more fear.  There was a feeling of determination that took over as she pulled into the drive of the old farm house.  When she saw her father walk out of the barn, she knew exactly what she was going to do. 

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