Blog Challenge day #8-What is in your handbag

I greatly dislike carrying a purse, just so you know.  It can be a very heavy annoyance..but, since I must, here is what I am carrying around at the moment.

my wallet, first of all, which holds the usual cards, money [however meager], and business cards from various places..

I have a small bag holding Splenda packets.

I have a hard case to hold my spare glasses.

There are SEVERAL pens as well as a pencil or two.

I have a small notebook and an even smaller address book.

Blistik-mint flavored

a small tube of triple antibiotic ointment {I am prone to being UNgraceful}

A St Louis Cardinals schedule.. simply NECESSARY

my library card

a comb I have had since 1969

my keys

my phone

assorted receipts and papers

I think that about covers it for today… on other days there could be, and usually is, a wider variety of nonsense in there..including toys since there are grandchildren in the mix.  Oh, and lets not forget the bottle of nail polish I just found that I forgot was in there…bright red, for those who would wonder.

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