Blog Challenge Day #10-What is your best physical feature?

Ok, I admit, I don’t like this one.  Why? Because such a thing is truly subjective..and based on our own self opinion, right?  On top of that, most people spend more time running down their physical selves than they do building them up. So what to do..what to do??

I think I have a pretty good smile. That’s something.  Personally, I always thought my eyes were nice, so maybe those two things are in the running.  But the truth is, this answer changes with the times.

When I was 17, I would probably have said I had a good figure.  There have even been times when I would have said my cleavage was good. Other times, I would have said my legs were just fine.  But time [and gravity] changes a great many I think, for now, we will go with the smile. Feel free to contradict me, however. 

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