Blog Challenge Day #15- Timeline of your day

Ok, this WOULD fall on a Saturday.  Nonetheless, here we go.

7:00 a.m.  woke up and took meds

7:05 a.m. went back to bed

10:00  got out of bed.

10:05 turned on laptop and checked facebook

10:57 had a text conversation with my youngest

11:10 [or so] watered houseplants

11:30 made a mug of hot cocoa [I don’t DO coffee]

11:40 cranked up the lap top again

11:45 chased a wasp out the sliding door

11:50 opened the blog

11:59  here we be, folks

**plans for the rest of the day**

12:30 clean the bathroom

1:00 take a load of laundry to the laundry room and HOPEFULLY find a free washer

1:05 get into the writing

1:25 move the clothes to the dryer

1:30 back to the writing

2:15 get the clothes from the dryer

2:20 fold clothes and put them away

2:30 change the tv channel to Fox Sports Midwest in anticipation

2:32 continue writing

3:00 put writing away

3:15 the ballgame is starting… NOTHING ELSE MATTERS NOW!  Entertain yourselves for the next three hours.

6:15 or so…depending upon the outcome of the game, I am either dancing or crying.. we will see.

Either way, I will watch a movie [maybe Star Wars] and crochet for awhile.

I will spend part of the evening on the balcony just enjoying the peace.

11:00 p.m. or so, I will head to bed. 

I just noticed that NOWHERE in there did I mention meals.  Since my surgery, I don’t think much about meals except to remind myself I MUST have them at some point. So just be assured that at some point during the day, I WILL eat something.

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