Blog Challenge Day #17-What is your proudest moment?

As a mother, of course, I am proud of the birth of my children, but I have decided that this blog challenge requires something other than that.

I graduated high school in 1972. The very next semester, I started college..and failed miserably. I was more interested in gaining my wings and finding out what a social life felt like than I was in accomplishing college.  So, after two sad semesters, I left and married.  {that is an entirely different story}

When, in 1982, I was newly divorced with two small children to provide for, I once again tried college. I did a bit better this time, but still did not finish. I was offered a good job before college was complete and could not refuse.

Finally, some years later, I saw my 50th birthday looming and realized the things I had wanted to accomplish were yet to be done.  One of those things was my degree.  The next day, I went to the college and signed up for one class.  In the many semesters after that, I would take one or two classes each semester. I managed to make the Dean’s list and even aced ALGEBRA along the way [all my gratitude to Sam Bundy, who is a marvelous teacher!].

Then, on May 11, 2007, some 35 years after I started the journey, I walked the stage in my cap and gown.  I was able to show my children that it CAN be done with enough determination. 


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One Response to Blog Challenge Day #17-What is your proudest moment?

  1. Mike Warden says:

    In 2003-4, I met my friend from Nigeria who was a flight student at Centralia Airport. We beamce friends and spent a lot of time together in the 14 months he was here, sightseeing and visiting friends and family and generally having a good time. And I tried to steer him through our sometimes bewildering culture. As he told me about his life, I realized that he came to American in order to pursue his dream of becming a commerical pilot so that he could go home and make a better life, not only for himself, but for his extended family. Towards the end of his time here, he began to run short of funds. I couldn’t let someone as gifted as he was come so close to achieving his dream and not reach it. I helped him with his expenses, lodging and food, so that he could finish. In 2008, I flew to Nigeria and was a member of his wedding party. At the wedding, many people came up to me and said, “Well, done, Mr. Mike!” Only then did I realize how much it meant not only to my friend but to so many other people that he was able to achieve what he had set up to do. And although, at the time, I had not realized that all those other people’s lives would be changed, in the end I did realize that I was here on Earth for something, after all. And that knowedge changed my life too.

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