Search For Eden 

In the days after the Falling, there was chaos.  No one was in charge and everyone was panicked.  Looting was the norm and hoarding became necessary, Neighbor fought neighbor for the most unlikely items simply to survive.  It seemed that every human being completely forgot what it meant to BE human.  It seemed the world turned feral in one planetary rotation with no resolution in sight.

The meaning of “home” changed forever and by the time Christianne was born in the uppermost room of a sky high tower in what was once a bustling city, home was simply the place where you were most safe.  The world’s reality had completely changed.  Christianne’s Father had been one who saw things changing and had worked to create a safe haven for himself and his wife.  By the time of the Falling, Father had a massive supply of water, food, clothing and weapons.  When the inevitable finally happened, Father and Mother had locked themselves away in the uppermost apartment where they knew they would have to stay for possibly years to come.  They learned very quickly it was inadvisable to step foot outside the door.  They could hear the uproar and chaos below them and there were times when someone would try to get through their door, but Father had made certain no one could get through.  After the second year in their solitude, Christianne was born.  Father and Mother had done everything they could to teach her all she would need to know, made a bit easier since both had once been teachers and had stored away a vast library of books on every conceivable subject.  Christianne devoured the books, learning things from basic math to physics to home economics to agriculture and beyond.  By the time she was 12 years of age, Christianne could hold her own in a debate with her Father. 

Then, when Christianne was 13, her mother had left the apartment for reasons neither Christianne or her Father ever knew.  Mother never returned.

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3 Responses to Search For Eden 

  1. carla Letsinger Fisher says:

    “Search for Eden” sounds very interesting Nancy. Would like to hear more.

  2. Mike Warden says:

    I love this prologue. It sounds like the beginning of a classic novel. I hope you are going to continue.

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