Blog challenge Day #18-What is the meaning behind your blog name?

The name of my blog is “Shades of Life”. Why?  Because that is how I see my writing.

You see, life is never just black and white.  I am the sort of person who tends to see things as clearly is either right or wrong, good or bad, in or out, back or forward, etc., etc.. but life is not that simple.

Life is an explosion of shades…happiness [to me] is shades of red and yellow and orange.  Sadness, of course, is shades of blue.  Our earth is shades of green and brown. The sky is shades of blue and white.  Peace is shades of purple and pink and horrible is shades of black and gray.

So, even though I am someone who is a stickler for routine and things being this OR that, it is impossible for me to see the world as a whole in those simple terms.  Therefore-SHADES of life…today?  the shade is azure and rose.

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