Blog Challenge Day #19-What do you collect?

You mean besides dust??  Ok, ok.. I get it.

First of all, I collect trinket boxes.  All sorts of trinket boxes-crystal, porcelain, wood, capiz shell, soapstone and whatever other unique varieties I find.  I have been collecting trinket boxes since my first husband, Dennis, brought one home to me from Dobbs Bargain City in Centralia back in 1973.  I have been collecting ever since.  I have them from many places around the world including Rome, Paris, London, Ireland, Beliz, Honduras, etc., as well as a few antique pieces.  This collection now sits proudly in a lovely curio cabinet.  My family and friends know that if they are ever stumped for a gift, just find a unique trinket box and I will be happy.

Aside from my boxes, I have a wonderful collection of baseball items!  My prized pieces include a baseball autographed by Julian Javier, who was my favorite player when I was growing up.  I also have a ball autographed by Tony Pena, another favorite of mine.. and I have a chunk of the old Busch Stadium.  I was asked once why  I had a chunk of concrete sitting on the shelf.  All I could say was that it was NOT a chunk of concrete, it was a piece of my soul..a piece of my life that meant more to me than there are words to describe.   And finally, I have a MASSIVE collection of baseball cards.  I love them and some of them are truly classics.

There you have it, my collections.  What do YOU collect??

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One Response to Blog Challenge Day #19-What do you collect?

  1. Mike Warden says:

    I collect World’s Fair memorabilia although I have never been to one. I have a milk glass vase from the 1939 New York fair. That’s the jewel of my collection. Are you going to write a baseball story?

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