Blog Challenge Day #20-A difficult time in your life

This could be a book in and of itself.  But I am no different from anyone else.  Our lives are made up of good times and difficult times, of course.  Sometimes those “difficult” times are over the top.

The first difficult time I remember is when I was 10.  My aunt and uncle picked my brothers, sister an I up from the home of our parent’s friend.  We drove to another family members home where we were then told that our mother had died.  I was 10. The years that immediately followed that would definitely be called difficult.

Another ‘difficult’ time was something I don’t discuss, but I was still very young and this time very much defined my life…it does even today to some extent.

Another difficult time was the time I spent in high school.  With very few exceptions, it was a horrible time. I remember bullying and abuse..and not all from fellow students.

There was a difficult time when I was going through my first divorce and trying to support two small children..  three jobs and full time college combined with the children nearly did me in.

Around the time of my second divorce, however, was probably one of the most difficult times of all.

One thing I have learned, however, is that “difficulty” comes in many forms and levels.  The key, as I have tried to teach my children, is to learn from ALL experiences, good and bad, in order to have a better future.  I hope I have been able to do that.

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