Blog Challenge Day #24-Your favorite childhood book

This one is easy-peasy!  My favorite childhood book was Pippi Longstocking. I loved her..and I still do. I recently purchased a new copy of the book and enjoyed reading it as much as ever.   There were other books, of course.  There have always been a variety of books that I loved.. one such book was about a young girl, named Felicity, I believe, who was an indentured servant.  I have, for a very long time, tried to find that book again, but I have never been able to find it.  I would so love to read that book again.

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One Response to Blog Challenge Day #24-Your favorite childhood book

  1. Mike Warden says:

    Mine was a tie: Tom Sawyer and A Christmas Carol. My fourth grade teacher read Tom Sawyer to us, a chapter at a time. That’s the book that got me hooked on reading and also gave me the yearning to be a writer. I also have fond memories of A Christmas Carol. I read it every year as the holiday approaches. It’s a little bittwersweet because I associate with past Christmases and those who are no longer here.

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