Blog Challenge Day #27- What is your favorite recipe?

Ok, first of all,  am NOT a lover of cooking. Anyone who knows me is aware of that. That is not to say, however, that I cannot cook. I am actually rather good at it..especially baking. I just don’t enjoy it.  I cook so that I won’t starve. It really is that simple.  BUT, I DO have a favorite recipe. This recipe was handed down to me when I was a child by my favorite uncle.  It is Potato Candy.

Boil one small to medium sized potato [whole and unpeeled] until done.  You will know it is done by sticking a fork in it. {I know, it’s cliché, but it is true}

Once the potato is done, peel it.  Make sure that ALL peeling is gone and that there are NO leftover ‘eyes’ or anything of that sort. 

Using a fork {NOT a mixer!}, mash the potato completely.  Be sure that there are no lumps at all. 

Once mashed, begin adding powdered sugar, just a bit at a time, stirring well each time.  When you first start adding the powdered sugar, the potato will become very liquid. This is ok!  Don’t worry about it, just continue to add a bit of powdered sugar and stirring until, finally, it becomes a dough very similar to pie dough.

Powder your surface with powdered sugar and then roll out your dough as thin as you can get it.

Once you have it all rolled out, brush off the excess powdered sugar. 

Spread peanut butter over the rolled out dough.  Can be creamy or crunchy either one.  Once you have spread the peanut butter all over the rolled out dough, cut the dough into strips approximately 1 inch wide.   Roll each strip like a jelly roll.  place these pieces on a plate. 

This candy is best if left to sit overnight, but I have NEVER known anyone who could wait that long. 

Happy Eating!!


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