Blog Challenge Day #29-Where have you traveled?

First of all, I have never been out of this country.  I want to see every part of my own country before I see others.

I have lived on all three coasts…S. Carolina, California and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I have, so far, been to half the states.  I have been to ALL the southern states and am working my way north.  My most recent new state to visit was going to Norfolk, Virginia for a weekend. 

Whenever I travel, I prefer to see the places that are off the beaten path..definitely not the usual tourist spots.  I think that is how I found a Civil War battlefield on a mountain top in Kentucky.  It was about as far from the beaten path as you could get and it was one of the best places I ever visited.

I have driven across the country and back again and always stopped at the small local diners because those are the best.  I have visited with cowboys in a small diner somewhere south of Odessa, Texas, a very old Native American woman in New Mexico and a cotton farmer in Georgia, among many others.  Every place I have traveled has been beautiful in it’s own way..even west Texas where all I could see was dirt and rocks and tumbleweed as I traveled through the barren mountains. I fully expected to see John Wayne come riding down one of them at any moment.

I do so look forward to future travels.

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2 Responses to Blog Challenge Day #29-Where have you traveled?

  1. Mike Warden says:

    I was one of eight children. So we didn’t take many family trips when I was a child. We did go to the Washington D.C. area one summer and it was thrilling to me. I’ve never since got the travel bug out of my blood. In the 70’s I traveled to Great Britain and Ireland, Egypt and Greece. Also, I took a literary coach tour of the easttern states and Quebec. These were escorted tours. In the 90’s I went to Nova Scotia in October when the leaves were changing colors. I have made two trips to Nigeria in 2004 and 2008. In the second, I was a groomsman in a wedding. Someone asked me if it was a destination wedding. I said, “I guess you could say that although the bride and groom are from Nigeria.” I loved all my trips but some are extra special…the trip to Britain and Ireland because it was the first, the one to Egypt because of what I saw, and the second trip to Nigeria for who I met and what I did. I always wanted not only to pass through these places and see the sights but also to meet people and have time to talk to them and establish relationships. On my second trip to Nigeria, I lived with the family and was part of their daily lives. I never felt more welcomed in my life. One of my Nigerian friends told me, “People think because we’re in the third world that we’re not civilized. But civilization has nothing to do with how much money you have or what you own; its how you treat people.” One of my favorite things I did in Nigeria was to go to the marketplace where I was measured for a new suit by one of the tailors who sit in a shaded alley working at sewing machines. There is so much to see in the marketplace. I wrote a story about it called “A New Suit from Mubi.”

    • stanfordnl says:

      I love reading your comments, Mike. I especially love te quote rom this one. “People think because we’re in the third world that we’re not civilized. But civilization has nothing to do with how much money you have or what you own; its how you treat people.” That says a great deal, doesn’t it?

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