Blog Challenge Day #30-What is in you make-up bag?

I have to say that I rarely use make-up of any kind, but I DO have a make-up bag.  You just never know when you might want to ‘doll up’, right?  So, let me look and see what is in there…..

First of all, the bag itself is probably 30 years old.  Ugly, but usable.  Why change?

Inside is a relatively new tube of mascara.  I see a small round pencil sharpener…why?  Because there is also an eyebrow pencil.  There are two eyeliner sticks.  I see FOUR little eye shadow packs.  I didn’t know I even had THAT one. hmmm

At the bottom are nail clippers and a pair of tweezers.  I have used those tweezers for other things but I don’t think I have ever used them for their intended purpose.

HEY!  there is a dollar bill down there!  Wonder when that went in there??

Oh, and there is a tiny little container of cover up make-up.   and just found a nickel.  Guess that means I can go get a large tea at McD’s!  COOL!

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