Blog Challenge Day #31-Why do you blog?

I am adding a second challenge because the blog lasts for 31 days and, as you know, June has only 30 days. 

Why?  Because, first of all, writing is as necessary to me as breathing.  I MUST write.. but what is the point of writing if I am the only one reading it?  While there are many pieces I have written that no one else will EVER see, there are so many more to share.  A blog allows that sharing to begin. 

I hope that through blogging samples of my work, I will be able to gain, through comments and feedback from readers, some insight into what works and what does not.  I hope to get constructive criticism so that I can hone and try to perfect my craft. 

And I blog because it helps to validate what I do as a writer.

When blogging and KNOWING that others are reading what you record, it urges you to continue.. it gives motivation to continue.  It gives a sense of responsibility to the writer toward those readers, which is what we need to make ourselves write when we simply would rather be doing something else.

and the blog gives me a sense of purpose and a sense of validity…I am writing here and others are reading what I post… thus, I am a writer.  When in doubt, I read the comments.

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