Wright’s Corner

Bobby sat in the shadows beside the convenience store and watched his classmates laughing and joking with one another out front.  In Wright’s Corner, there were two things for the younger generation to do. You could swim and hang out at the lake or you could hang out a the convenience store-Tucker’s Stop Shop.  Unfortunately, it was now October in the middle of America so water fun was out of the question. 

For Bobby, however, neither of those options really made any difference.  He was, what the other kids called, fringe.  By that, they meant that Bobby and others who belonged to none of the popular cliques, were on the fringe of things.  Bobby was well aware of his place in things.  He had always known.  The problem was that there was nothing he could do about it.  His family didn’t have money and he wasn’t athletic so he knew he would never quite fit anywhere.

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