Blog Challenge…any day

I think I miss the blog challenge, mostly because it gave me a subject to focus upon.  So now, I must think for myself.  I can do that.

My thought just now is-how do you know if your opinions and thoughts are the right ones?  How do you know that you are in the right? 

I try to look at things from different perspectives and I try to evaluate my reactions to things, yet I often receive reactions from the other person involved in the ‘discussion’ that suggest I am in the wrong.  I don’t feel I am..but I could be. I am certainly not all knowing, by any stretch of the imagination and I make my fair share of mistakes.  But what do you do when what you believe and what you try to teach is constantly subjected to argument and contradiction?  How do you manage, each day, to maintain your beliefs in the face of constant argument?  That is what I would like to know. 

Fighting off that argument every single day is one of the more stressful things you can experience.  When you KNOW that every word out of your mouth is going to be questioned and argued over.  When you KNOW that the other person absolutely believes themselves to be as correct in their word and action as you do in your own. 

What makes the difference here?  Which side is correct and how do you know?  Does it make a difference if both parties are grown adults or if they are of an older vs a younger age?

These are questions that concern me today.

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One Response to Blog Challenge…any day

  1. Mike Warden says:

    I have found that some my take on right and wrong have become more nuanced as I have grown older. And I think this is because I have more friends from different backgrounds than I did when I was younger. Over time, those opinions which once seemed odd came to seem more valid than the onces I had held, not always but a lot of the time. Also, I think that when you have made friends from a certain background, it comes home to you if you think that people from that background are being wronged. It becomes more personal to you and harder to ignore.

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