“The action of saving or being saved from sin” ~from The New Oxford American Dictionary.

Each of us desires redemption.  We are all sinners, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It will always be so because none of us is perfect.  The trick is to accept that fact.

I have talked to people who spent their lives berating themselves because they could do “nothing right”.  They would complain because they should be so much better.  It is true that we should all strive for better, but to spend our lives complaining and moaning about the process is just wrong.   We are wasting our valuable time doing such a thing.

The one thing that people have the most difficult time with is forgiving themselves for being human.  All of us have the same foibles and yet we all, for some reason, believe that we must apologize for it.

We humans are the hardest upon ourselves. We berate ourselves for our faults, whether those faults are natural ones and cannot be helped, or if they are simply caused by laziness or clumsiness or lack of thought. It doesn’t really matter. The one thing we must all remember is that we must, first and foremost, forgive ourselves for whatever transgressions occur and whatever problems we may have in our lives.
There are two things you must remember about life in general. First of all, you must think before you speak. You cannot take back the words once they are spoken. Words can cause far more pain and damage than any physical hit.
And second, you WILL make mistakes in your life. Grant yourself forgiveness! Do NOT spend your life knocking yourself down for the things you wish you hadn’t done. It serves no purpose whatsoever. You are using up valuable time and energy in such things. Spend that energy and that time learning from your actions and doing better the next time.
Give yourself a break. Believe that the good person inside you can come out. Allow that person to come out. Allow yourself to BE the person you KNOW you can be.

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One Response to Redemption

  1. Mike Warden says:

    So true. I have to watch those things myself sometimes. Fortunately, you and I are writers and for me, and probably for you as well, writing is not only addictive but therapy. I work out a lot of things by putting my thoughts into the mouthes of my characters. I have written scenes where my characters take both sides of an issue and sometimes by the end of the scene, I’ve straightened myself out!

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