What Happens at 6 a.m.?

When you are awake as the rest of the world is seemingly asleep, your mind wanders. Sometimes the wandering is aimless, and other times it takes a turn at the absurd.  In my case, the aimless absurd seems to take up residence on a regular basis.

In this case, I was awake at 3 A.M..  The mind does wondrous things at that hour.  I was, for whatever reason, reminded of a dream I had just a couple of nights previous where I was enjoying a close friendship with a man who suffered with Cerebral Palsy.  While the resulting feeling from this dream was pleasant, the meaning of it escapes me.  I do not know anyone who has this affliction and cannot imagine what would bring such to a dream.  In any case, my main memory of the dream is of laughter and an absolutely beautiful and captivating smile.  The face of this dream friend is no one I presently know.  All in all, it was very interesting.. but I digress..

I sat on my balcony listening to the night sounds as well as the distant traffic on the interstate to the west, and contemplated the reasons why I remained awake.  Nothing could explain it other then my anticipations for the coming day.  It promises to be busier than I normal spend, but it should prove to be interesting. 

As the sun began to rise [yes, I was awake straight through], I heard an owl singing his goodbyes to the night and shortly thereafter the early morning birds singing their hellos.  The sun continued it’s path and the clouds began to take shape in the light and the sky began to form it’s color of the day. 

As the minutes swam by, the clouds began to disappear and the blue took over, until by 6 a.m. the clouds were all but gone.  The blue of the sky was something of an encouragement.  I gazed into that endless sky and somehow knew the day would go well.  How could it not with such a beginning?  

I hadn’t slept and yet I felt alive and content. 

Perhaps I should visit this 6 a.m. world again sometime.

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