Lonely Sounds

Our lives are surrounded by and defined by sounds.  We associate specific times of life with specific songs, for instance.  We all would agree that the sound of a far off train whistle at 2 in the morning defines loneliness.  There are sounds of loneliness, also, which are very personal.

For me, listening to a radio at night defines loneliness. I simply cannot listen.  I have at times attempted to analyze this phenomenon and it comes down to a fact of needing to SEE another human being..albeit only on the television.  The voices on the radio are disembodied and distant so they make me feel that way as well. 

Late at night, there is the sound of the refrigerator running when you can’t sleep.  To some, the “white noise” of a fan helps. 

I have found, as well, that if there is no other noise to occupy my mind, I hear a buzzing in my own head.  Some who know me might laugh about that, but the buzzing is real and can be very disconcerting.   Most people never take the time to listen, but there is an actual sound to our body. 

And sometimes, the loneliest sound of all is hearing the voice of the one you love….when they are on the telephone and a thousand miles away from you. 

Just a bit of disjointed thinking to roll around in your brain.

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