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A Taste of my book in progress……

My Dearest Sarah, I began this day as your sister. I began this day talking with you, bringing you water, wiping your face from the fever, reading to you.  I have ended this day alone. Dr. Perry told us you … Continue reading

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Enough Already!

For three years, she listened to every insult that came from his mouth and she felt every slap across her face with stoic acceptance.  She had read about husbands who came home drunk and beat up their wives.  But Jack didn’t … Continue reading

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What Mack Saw

Today was the day intended for closure.  It didn’t work out that way.  Mack woke as morning was ending and just lay watching the sun play hide and seek with the clouds.  The clouds were winning. Mack had intended to … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Faith

The essence of faith is much the same as trust to many. To me, faith encompasses a much deeper acceptance.  Trust is earned. Trust is lost. Trust is given.  Faith is felt and held.  Faith can be strengthened or shattered. … Continue reading

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