The Philosophy of Faith

The essence of faith is much the same as trust to many. To me, faith encompasses a much deeper acceptance.  Trust is earned. Trust is lost. Trust is given.  Faith is felt and held.  Faith can be strengthened or shattered.

Trust is believing that another person will do what they should. Faith is KNOWING that a thing will occur even though there is no proof.

Trust is knowing you will receive your paycheck each week. Faith is turning on the light switch and knowing the light would come on..without ever thinking about it.

Trust is applied to your fellow man. Faith is applied much higher.

You have faith that you will wake in the morning.  You have faith that your arms and legs will work.  You have faith that the sky is always blue and that the night is always dark.  It isn’t something you are conscious of simply IS.

Trust is what  you apply to your spouse, your partner, your family member, your best friend or your neighbor.  Trust is far easier to misplace.  Faith is what applies to the spirit and the soul.  Faith is given and held even when we have doubt.

To quote someone very close to me “Faith is the key to happiness.” 

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