What Mack Saw

Today was the day intended for closure.  It didn’t work out that way.  Mack woke as morning was ending and just lay watching the sun play hide and seek with the clouds.  The clouds were winning.

Mack had intended to go to Jenna’s and just tell her that he was leaving. Simple, right?  He knew better. He knew that she would look at him with those eyes and that the tears would start as soon as he opened his mouth. It wasn’t as though she didn’t realize it was over.  She had said so herself, and yet she would cry and beg him to explain why.  Now it was raining and Mack hated rain.  It fed his intermittent depression. 

After a few more moments, Mack finally pulled himself from the bed and headed for the bathroom.  He glanced over to see that Jenna had left a necklace there on her last overnight stay.  He made a mental note to take it to her.  No, he would just drop it in the mail.  yes, that was the answer.  He would write her a note, drop the necklace into the envelope and just leave.  He couldn’t face her again and have her try to put all the blame on him yet again.  Sighing deeply, Mack made his way to the kitchen intending to make coffee.  The sight that greeted him changed everything.

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