stream of thought–good catharsis

I had a conversation with someone today who told me she now understands why some people write.  She recently was going through an extremely emotional time.  So she went to the store and purchased a journal. She stated she felt she needed a journal where she would write with a pen instead of typing on a computer. She felt it would help her much more in exorcising her rampant emotions.  I told her that was definitely ONE of the reasons I write.  I also quoted Isaac Asimov..”I write for the same reason I breathe.  If I didn’t, I would die.”    We then had a lovely discussion and I advised her that sometimes stream of thought is excellent for purging thoughts and emotions.  With that in mind, here we go…

September 11th.  Hurts to think about.  can’t watch the video of the tower attacks still without feeling ill.  my heart just cries for all those who were in those planes and saw what was coming and could do nothing.  makes me think of so many things that perhaps others don’t think of.  for instance what happens after darth vader dies and the empire is done?  how do they go on and rebuild the Jedi?  What happens to Scout and Jem after the book ends?  How did they grow up?  What happens to those people who have their 15 minutes of fame and are then forgotten?  Do they go on to make better lives or do they try to live in that 15 minutes forever?  and how is it that one small thing can change the course of your life?  or one big thing.  how is it that we can allow one thing or one other person to define our entire life?  Why do we allow another person to have that much power over us?  Why does another person’s opinion really matter anyway?  And why don’t we realize that just because someone says something, it isn’t necessarily true?  I read once where that thinking was applied to the Bible.  That just because men wrote things and other men called it Holy didn’t necessarily make it so.  I think people simply need something to believe in.

believing in something..anything..will help you feel grounded and secure, I think. security is one of the most necessary things. why do most of us feel insecure most of our lives? that goes back to where I talked about why we let others have such power over us. I don’t think there is really an answer for that. it is the way it has always been and will probably always be. we watch star trek and they talk about people evolving to a point where there is peace and contentment and no hunger and no need for money. blah blah blah. it is my opinion that as long as there are human beings there will be money and war and hatred and hatefulness and greed and anger right along with the good things that will also be there.

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