Parental Responsibility

First of all, it is NOT a crime if you choose not to be a parent.  The fact is, some people simply should not be parents. Some because they make the choice because they know themselves well, and others because they don’t know themselves at all and don’t have what it takes for a lifetime of parenting.

How does that sound?  A lifetime of parenting? When you become a parent, you have given up your single, carefree life. You have given up any selfish behavior in exchange for putting another person ahead of yourself. 

As a parent, another person becomes more important than yourself…or they should be.

If you are a parent,  you must remember several things…

Parenting rule #1- That child is more important than your social life.

Parenting rule #2-That child needs EVERYTHING from you.

Parenting rule #3-YOU are that child’s first teacher. 

When you become a parent, you should no longer obsess over your social life.  That child comes before the party, or the night out or the cute guy or girl.  That child is your ONLY concern.

When you have a child, you provide every need for them.. food, clothing and anything else they need.

When you have a child, you begin to teach them the moment they are born.  You are the first, and most important role model for that child.  What they learn from you in those early years, forms them for life.

The saying “Don’t do as I do, do as I say”, is completely wrong.  Your child will always see and hear you and will develop accordingly.  They learn how to treat others by watching the way YOU treat others.  They learn their own level of self respect by watching the way you treat yourself and how you allow yourself to be treated.

Your child will listen to the way you speak to others and they will act accordingly.  Your child knows only what they see you do and what they hear you say. 

What we experience as we grow is what we perceive as normal, therefore, our parents teach us what we must know for the rest of our lives.

Look into your child’s eyes and you will see their love for you.   Don’t throw that away.  Love your children enough to teach them well.

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