There are two sayings that everyone has heard…

~The more things change, the more they stay the same.

~Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

We always like to believe we learn from our past and move on to better choices, better decisions and better things.  The truth is, hoever, human nature leads us to repeating the same behaviors whether they are good or bad. 

Looking through history, you will see that the human being has the overwhelming tendency to follow a leader for better or worse.

In the late 1930’s, Germany was in great turmoil.  The economy was in a state of disaster.  The average person was losing ground so fast they could barely breathe.  Everyone was panicked.  So when Adolf Hitler stepped up and proclaimed a solution for all their problems, people wanted to believe so badly that they listened to him.  They needed help so badly they followed the first person to step up and speak loudly saying all the things the people needed and wanted to hear.  Through those first years, the people either ignored or simply didn’t see the dangerous path that was taking form.   Then, suddenly, it was too late.  Hitler was in complete control. History speaks for the ultimate results.

The majority of people tend to be sheep.  Very few will stand up against the majority when they see something that doesn’t seem right.  So many people simply stand back and wait for someone else to step up and solve the problem.

We, in America, tend to elect politicians on all the wrong criteria.  We tend to elect based on our own laziness.  Who has the best television persona?  Who said what we want to hear?  Who looks best on television?  Or better yet, who is in THE political party?  It doesn’t always seem to matter what that person’s true beliefs are anymore.  If they are republican and the voter is democrat, the decision may be made on that basis, or vice versa.  Then, when things are falling apart, they blame the party.  We will blame those who TOLD us for whom we should vote or wew will blame every last politician in Washington.  In fact, however, we should be holding ourselves to task for the ultimate decisions made.  We are the voters, thus WE are the ones to blame for whatever occurs. 

As we tend to be sheep in these areas, we are also sheep in our personal lives.  We dress like everyone else because, heaven forbid, we should stand out as an individual and be judged harshly.  We eat whatever the most recent nameless, faceless person tells us is THE diet of the century.  We MUST do pilates because that is THE thing to do.  We MUST do yoga becasue it is THE thing to do.  We MUST do zumba because it is THE thing to do.  We MUST follow the Atkins diet because it is THE best diet.  We MUST follow the California diet because it is THE diet.  We MUST count our calories. We MUST have more protein. We MUST have a fruit diet. We MUST eat nothing but that most recently shared soup and nothing else for two weeks because “THEY” say it is THE thing to do.  Heaven forbid we should simply cut back our portions and get more exercise.  That would just make TOO much sense. 

Everyone drives a silver mini van. Everyone puts their children in as many after school programs as is possible.  Everyone shops at THAT shop because it is THE place. EVERYONE says so.

Yes, we are sheep.  We have no thoughts or actions of our own.  We have learned nothing from history.  Yes, it does seem we are destined to repeat the very same idiotic things that have always been done.  We are not only sheep…we are LAZY sheep.   

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