Living In My Dreams

A bad story begins something like ‘it was a dark and stormy night’, but in this case, that is a literal truth. It WAS a dark and stormy night.  There was a severe thunderstorm warning out until the wee hours of the morning and I was anxious.  You see, I love storms.  I didn’t always love them, of course.  When I was a child, they terrified me.  I have since decided it wasn’t the actual storm that frightened me, but the absence of my mother.  When I was very young and it was storming, my mother would gather me next to her, light an oil lamp and as the storm raged outside, would tell me stories of her childhood.  I loved those times with her.  But my mother was taken from me when I was a young girl.  With her, went all those secure and safe feelings, so when it stormed, I was afraid. 

As I grew older, my ‘fear’ of the storms faded and I finally came to enjoy the look of the storm clouds, the flash of the lightning and even the rumbling of the thunder.  So here I was, on this particular dark and stormy night, with the electricity gone, sitting on my sofa in the dim light of my oil lamp watching the lightning give it’s glorious show. 

After one particularly bright flash of lightning, my cell phone rang.  I reluctantly answered considering I don’t like people in general and dislike talking on the telephone even more.  I was greeted with a breathless voice asking if I was safe.

“Yes, Arthur, I am perfectly safe.  Why are you calling?”  I didn’t bother to hide the annoyance I was feeling. My cousin, Arthur Toovey, was a complete bastard and I hated talking to him at any time.

“Just checking on you, Cuz.”  He chuckled.  I rolled my eyes. I knew better.

“What do you WANT, Arthur?  Just spit it out so I can tell you to go to hell and we can move on.”

“Dang, girl, you are a spitfire, aren’t you?  Ok, so I need a ride to the club down on Highway 56.”  His words ran together quickly in his haste to get it out before I could interrupt.  He always did that.

“Arthur, I wouldn’t drive you to the firehouse if your butt was burning.  Goodbye.”  I pushed the button to disconnect.

When the phone rang again, I simply shut it off completely.   I took a deep breath and lay back on the sofa.  This was when I liked to just daydream.  It was the time when all my favorite people came to visit. It was the time when I visited all the places in the world I loved.  Tonight, I was going to spend some time in the Scottish Highlands with a very sexy man named Iain.  He had that wonderful brogue that made my toes tingle.  He had dark hair that fell across his forehead in a dashing sort of way and he loved me completely.   I lay back and closed my eyes so that Iain could come carry me away to that faraway place where dreams live.

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