World of the Gniris

The dawn found the people already hard at work.  It had to be that way.  As the light of day grew brighter, the people had to find their way back to their homes to be safe from the prowlers. 

Prilinda gathered the stones for grinding while her partner, Hepya, gathered twigs.  They would have a good supply before the harsh weather arrived and forced all the Gniris to hibernate in their cozy homes.   Prilinda looked up to gauge her distance from the post and saw that the Chief, Berlandis, was hurrying her way.   She called out to Hepya who hurried to her side. 

“Chief Berlandis is coming.  Is something amiss?” She squeaked in her excitement.  Hepya only shrugged and walked cautiously toward the chief. 

“Is there something wrong, Chief?”  He inquired.

“Yes, Bri Hepya.  Intruders have been sighted across the lea.  You must hurry to the post for shelter.  Hurry!”

The three of them rushed back as best they could, taking care to assist Hepya who suffered from a broken limb.  They were barely inside the post with the rest of the people when the intruders were sighted by all.  The smallest of the people were sheltered in the small annex to the rear, while the olders held what weapons they had in hopes their existence would be overlooked.  The intruders, after all, were far larger and tended to always overlook those who were smaller.

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