Vanity Run Amock-Chapter 5

I heard screaming.  I thought at first it was a dream since I had been dozing in my chair, but I sat forward just as another scream shattered the night.  I was frozen. It was not a female screaming.  That was the weird part.  I had heard a guy scream just once.  My brother, Mike, had hit his own hand with a hammer once, breaking three fingers pretty badly.  He had screamed loud enough for our neighbor a half block away to hear him.  So I knew what a guy screaming sounded like and I heard it again.  I wanted to raise my blinds but I couldn’t make my hands work. I couldn’t even stand up.  My legs felt like rubber and I couldn’t move.  My phone was across the room and I couldn’t get my body to cooperate enough to even reach for it. 

Then it was quiet.  After about 4 minutes of trying to breathe again, I finally peeked through the blinds.  Tara was sitting there combing her hair.  She seemed completely relaxed and still wore the same slinky gown as before.  I wondered if the man was in bed or had he left?  I watched for a couple of minutes before Tara stood and went into the other room, turning off the light as she went.  I let the blinds fall back into place and sank back into my chair.   It was all so very strange.  All these months, I saw no men in her apartment and now today there were two.  Today, there was a man screaming and today, Tara had waved my way.  It all made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I didn’t really know why.

Finally, I figured it was safe to move so I went over to the refrigerator and took out a beer.  I hadn’t turned the light back on so I just raised the blinds and sat back drinking the cheap beer.  I heard nothing from Tara’s apartment and she never came back into her bedroom.  That in itself seemed odd to me since she had been dressed for bed..or maybe play.  I was starting to wonder if I knew her at all.  I then reminded myself that I really did NOT know her.  I felt as though I was falling deeper into the fantasy life I had created and it was beginning to be a bit scary.   Suddenly, I stood, picked up the notebook full of notes on Tara and her life and threw it into the nearby trash can.   I had to stop this craziness and find a real life.   I felt calmer at the thought, but that calm was suddenly ripped from me.   Someone was banging on my door.   They were banging in a way that could only be described as frantic.

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