The Work in Progress

My book is a family saga.  It covers the life of Mary, beginning when her sister dies at a young age and concludes with her own death at an advanced age.  The ensuing saga covers the events of Mary’s personal life, but also the events of the world around her. 

I began the research for this book nearly 20 years ago.  It required historical research, but it also required a family tree and a timeline to be sure everything happened as it should.  The research alone has taken years.  NOW, I get to write this wonderful story that has actually become real to me.  These characters have become a part of me-a part of my family.  I know them as I know my own siblings, my cousins, my own aunts and uncles. 

What began, however, as one great book, will become several.  As I began writing, it was very quickly obvious this story cannot be told in one volume.  To tell the story properly, each volume will likely include a decade in the life of Mary. 

Each time I sit down to begin writing for the day, I delve into the world of Mary and her friends and family.  Each day, I am anxious to discover what Mary will discover. I am in a hurry to know how Mary will react to events around her and to those in the world at large. 

I find I want to spend all day, every day, digging into Mary’s life. I want to spend every day discovering her world and learning her thoughts.  I want to see how she will defend herself against all manner of life’s difficulties.

And finally, I want to share Mary with the world.  I want the world to get to know her as I am getting to know her. I want the world to know what she has had to endure and how she has come out the other side to be the person she is. 

I love Mary and her family and her life.

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