Sneak Peek of THE Book!!!

This book is titled:  Letters To Sarah.   Sarah’s sister, Mary, has been devastated by the death of her only sibling, Sarah.  Mary has to learn to deal with that loss as well as subsequent sadness and despair, so she turns to her  journal.  In this journal, Mary shares her own personal world as well as the world’s events.


June 9, 1910

My Dearest Sarah,

I am sitting in our room and I can barely breathe from crying.  This very morning the doctor came to look in on you and when he came out to us, he told us you had died.  It does not seem possible. It IS NOT possible.  You are my sister-my only sister-my best friend and you are gone. How can this happen?  You are-were-only 16 years of age!  Only two years older than I, but I looked up to you so.

I was certain the pneumonia was easing. I was certain you were feeling better. I was so certain.  Mother was hysterical and had to be sedated.  She has been sleeping since.  Father went into his study and has not come out.  So I sit here on my bed, looking at your side of our room with all your things just as you left them.

How am I supposed to sleep without the sound of your breathing?  I never told you that you have a tiny whistle in your breathing when you sleep, I never told you that I would sometimes wake in the night and the sound of your breathing would ease my unrest and I would be able to sleep again.  There are so many things I never told you. I always meant to, of course, but I was certain there was plenty of time for such things.  Now there is no more time. Now I can never again talk with you about things that matter to us. I cannot accept that, my dear sister.  I need to share things with you. So many things.  Therefore, I will write these letters to you as though you have merely moved away. I shall pretend you are living in another city and I am only corresponding with you-at least until I can come to terms with the depth of this loss.

Your loving sister,



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