Another Taste from my work in progress…..

February 6, 1917

My Dearest Sarah,

The United States has severed diplomatic relations with Germany.  Robert says this is the beginning.  He has decided to join the army as soon as possible so that he will be settled into the process when our government officially declares war.  I am so very upset, Sarah.  What will I possibly do without Robert here?  I am proud of his determination and his devotion to his country, but I am terrified that he won’t come home to us.  I know that he wants to do this to help protect us.  I have to admire his devotion, as I said, but how do I honestly approve this?  How do I show him that I am proud and supportive when all I want to do is lock him away with us and never let him leave?  I know that I can’t do that and I know that, in the end, I will wish him well, assure him of my love and support and I will paste a smile on my face when he leaves.  But inside, Sarah, my heart will break and I will be terrified until I have him back.  Please be here with me, Sarah.  Hold my hand and help me to keep my faith and my strength.

Your loving sister,


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