You always hear it.  “no one is perfect”.  It is a truth.  So why is it so many people TRY to be perfect?  Why do so many people torture themselves because they continually strive to be perfect? 

No one is perfect.  Not in the way that many people tend to define perfection.  The key is to see perfection for what it truly is.

When you look at a tree, you see a beautiful living thing covered with leaves.  As a whole, it is perfect.  If, however, you look closer, you will find that all those “perfect” leaves have imperfections.  They may be mangled or discolored or only be partially there.  The tree itself will have bark missing or damaged.  The fruit or nut that grows on that tree may be damaged or spoiled in some way.  Each thing, on it’s own, is imperfect.  But step back and look again at the whole.  The imperfect tree with it’s imperfect leaves and it’s imperfect fruits is a perfect tree. 

You have imperfections. One leg is shorter than the other or one ear sits higher on your head than the other.  Your eyes are not symmetrical.  Some people even have two different colored eyes.  Your butt may be a bit too big.  Your tummy may sag.  Your hair may be too thick, too thin, too fine or too coarse.  The one thing to remember is that all of those things make you the person you are.  You are the person you were meant to be.  And you look at yourself in the mirror and you see imperfect, don’t you?

You are missing the truth.   In your wonderful imperfection, you are perfect.  You are the perfect you.  Just like the tree with all it’s wonderful imperfections is a beautiful thing, you, with all your imperfections, are a beautiful creature. 

Give yourself a break.  Don’t try so hard to reach the impossible.  Be the wonderfully imperfect person you are.

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