Lessons For Us All

” Take into account that great LOVE and great ACHIEVEMENTS involve great risk.”  ~Dalai Lama

If there is something you want in this life, you cannot expect to sit back on your sofa watching a movie and have it fall into your lap. Life does not work that way. 

You begin your life with all your wants and needs provided for you without much, if any, effort made on your part.  At some point, however, you begin to receive the lessons needed to provide for yourself.  You begin to learn that nothing comes without effort.  If you wish to pay your own way, you must work for a paycheck.  If you wish to have extras, you must learn to save.  To provide for all your needs,  you must learn to prioritize.  You must learn that if you go to work but do not manage your money wisely, you will have nothing to show for your efforts. 

When you reach that point in your life where you fine love, you will come to realize that it, too, is not gained or kept without effort and work on your part.  You must make an effort to find love, but once found, you must work to keep it.  Relationships change daily and you must make the needed efforts to change with it.

If there is a goal you hope to attain in your life, whether it be career or other interests, work and effort are required.  You must be willing to do what needs doing in order to accomplish those goals.

Anything you want in your life, whether it be business, personal,  social, or entertainment, requires effort. It also requires sacrifice.  The key to knowing what your heart desires is discovering what you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve that goal.  Every goal requires sacrifice along with the effort. 

Nothing gained is ever easy. It isn’t meant to be.  If you want it, work for it.  If it is worth your sacrifice and your effort, then do the very best you can possibly do in order to achieve that goal.                               

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