Funding?? You betcha!

It was recently recommended that I visit a certain website to raise funding in order to have the time to finish my book.  Let’s face it, you can’t sell a book that hasn’t yet been written, right?   I resisted the recommendation because it seemed too much like begging for me.  I was then reminded that nearly everything we do in life has something to do with begging in some way.  And that ultimately, writing is a LOT about begging.   Begging to release those words that are building up inside you like a volcano ready to erupt.  Begging for others to actually READ what you have written.  Begging an agent to take a chance on you and what you have created.  Begging a publisher to put you and your work out there.  And finally, begging the reader to actually READ what you have created and, hopefully, to like it.

So how could I argue those points?   So here I am, in my mind, begging..  I joined a funding site and I am posting my URL here.  In my one self indulgent moment, I will just say that I would DEARLY appreciate any and all assistance.   Thank you.

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