Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a dog.  She was a black lab mix and her name was Lucy.  To be honest, her full name was Lickin’ Lucy, The Dancing Dork Dog. 

Lucy came into our lives as a puppy just weaned from her Mama.  When we went to pick out a puppy, all of them were excited and jumping and yapping..except for Lucy.   She sat there and looked at us with those precious, warm and deep brown eyes.  It was a no brainer. We took Lucy home.

Lucy was family even before we arrived home.  She loved riding in the car.  She loved attention, of course, but she wasn’t aggressive about getting it.  Lucy would sit down next to you and look at you with those eyes and you could just hear her say “ya love me, don’t ya?”.  Yes, we did. 

Lucy was spoiled.  She took to training pretty well, especially since bits of hot dogs were involved.  Lucy enjoyed her food very much.

At Thanksgiving, Lucy was quiet but she parked herself next to me and watched me eat.  She never begged and she never made a sound, but she received her share of goodies. 

Lucy enjoyed sleeping on my bed.  She especially enjoyed laying on my bathrobe.  My FAVORITE bathrobe.  She enjoyed it so much, she chewed a hole in each shoulder.  I told her she was a very naughty dork.  And I patched the holes. 

Then Lucy discovered something she enjoyed almost as much as food.  Snow.  

We woke one morning to find it had snowed in the night.  Lucy had never before seen snow, so we looked forward to her reaction.   I let her out the back door and waited.  She stood a moment and pushed her nose into the snow, investigating this strange new phenomenon.  Apparently, it pleased her because in the next moment, the Dancing Dork Dog was leaping and jumping around in the snow.  She was dancing.   She wasn’t thrilled about coming back inside, but she enjoyed the snow so much it became much easier to convince her to go out for her ‘necessaries’.

Then, one day, Lucy met the dog from down the street who had escaped his lead.  Soon after, we knew there would be puppies.  Lucy was a lab mix and future Daddy was a Jack Russell terrier.  {don’t ask}  We were excited and curious to see how these babies would look.  

One morning, I headed out to feed Lucy and she wasn’t waiting impatiently outside her house.  As I neared said house, I heard the little squeaks from inside.  My heart began to pound.  I knelt down and looked inside to find 6 tiny puppies.  With the dogs in the neighborhood that were not kept on their leashes, I knew the puppies would not be safe outside.  I began to gather he babies in a basket to find that 5 were alive, one was not.   We buried baby Boo right away.

I set up an area in the laundry room for Lucy and her babies and they settled in.  The puppies were even more spoiled than Lucy and we didn’t believe that would be possible.  They ate and played and grew and ate and played and slept and grew, until they were all over the house.  Each of the puppies took on the appearance of a terrier but they also had Lucy’s sweet, wonderful eyes.  We named them, of course, and loved them beyond measure.  But we also knew that we could not keep them.  We could not afford them.  In fact, we would have trouble affording the care that Lucy needed and deserved.    wonderful young family with two young boys.  They were interested in taking Lucy. 

This young family came to meet Lucy and when they opened the car door, she jumped in and laid down.  She looked at all of us as though she was saying,”well?  Let’s go.”   It was obvious Lucy approved.  The boys certainly approved of her. 

I gave Lucy a tight hug and held back tears..and then she was gone. 

It has been 3 or 4 years since Lucy went to her new family but her old family still thinks of her often.  I still look at the abundance of photos I had of her and I miss her each and every day.

Lickin’ Lucy, the Dancing Dork Dog settled herself into our hearts and there she stays.

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