Courage Lives On

Nelson Mandela passed on today.  At the age of 95 years, this man lived through a great many things not the least of which was 27 years a prisoner only to be released and then become President of the nation.  

The lessons taught by Mr. Mandela have inspired or encouraged generations and will continue to do so long into the future. How could it be otherwise? 

Nelson Mandela said “I am not a saint. I am a sinner who keeps on trying.”   That statement alone is one to live by. But the wisdom of this man encompasses so many areas.  To live in his lifetime is an honor for us.  To have learned from his life is something that is a true blessing.

One of the lessons I have learned from Mr. Mandela is from one of his quotes.  “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  When I have felt down and insecure about my efforts, I have remembered this quote and it gives me strength and encouragement to continue on no matter what.

It is my hope to carry on, in my own life, something of the faith and strength I learned from this wise and courageous man.

Rest in Peace, Madiba.  You live on in our hearts and in our hopes and dreams.


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