Why? by Ayam Sumbadi

Why do I feel as though I have lost my heart, never to find it again? It is because of  you.  It is because you once wrapped your warm, loving hand about that heart and took it to yours.  It has remained there since. 

You have held my heart for so long, it believes itself to belong inside your chest.  Every thought I have created since meeting you has included you in some way.  Every day has included you in some way, whether it has been thoughts of you, wondering how you are or wishing you were by my side. 

Every breath from my lungs reminds me of your smile, your eyes, your touch and your love…because I know that I am blessed to have my love shared.  I am eternally blessed by knowing you feel as I do about the connection we began so long ago..and enjoy to this day.

I will love you for as long as my blessed heart beats and beyond.  I will care for you deeply for all the days of my life.   I will hold your heart close to mine and I will cherish your very existence throughout time and distance, no matter how long either be.

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