Hobbit Hair and A Heavy Heart

“I always find it beyond amazing just how much pain the heart can take and still beat.  It is almost as though it thrives on the pain.”

Susan spoke more to herself than to her companions.  The two young women who walked along with Susan rolled their eyes toward each other.  Finally, Emma Johns sighed.

“Sue, I do believe you thrive on whatever pain there is..real or imagined.”  Emma and the third woman, Rose Creed, had listened to Susan’s complaints steadily over their 20 year friendship.  Sometimes they wondered why they stuck by her.  Then one or both of them would remember what she had done for them and ending the relationship became unthinkable.

“I will admit,” Susan muttered “I am not always in physical pain, but there are other types and you both know it.  I don’t know why I should have to explain that.  You have known me long enough to know what I go through.”

Rose took a deep breath to keep from saying what was on her mind.  Emma was not as adept at containing herself.

“Sue, you talk about your aches and pains and you complain about your depression. We KNOW you suffer from those things, but what makes US crazy is that you do nothing to deal with them!  When is the last time you talked with a doctor about the ache in your hip?  When did you last refill your prescription for the anti-depressant?  If you aren’t going to do anything about those things, then just shut up about them!”  Emma stalked ahead and away from her friends.  Rose rushed to catch up, leaving Susan standing in the middle of the road, confused.

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