Life Lessons

From the moment we are born, we begin our list of Life Lessons.  At first, the lessons may be along the lines of “If I cry hard enough, Mama will pick me up and hold me” or “If I throw a big enough fit, maybe I will get my way”.

Later those lessons become “If I say “Mom” over and over and over again, she will give in.”  or “If I bug Dad enough, he will give me what I want” or “If I am noisy in class, everyone will laugh and I will get attention. I like attention.”

As we grow, the lessons grow and mutate to suit our situation.  Perhaps they become “If I wear my favorite sweater, even though I love it, I will get laughed at because the popular girls would never wear it.”  or “If I look at him, he might see me looking and I will be SO embarrassed”  or “Nothing I do is right, so I will do nothing”.

As we continue in our journey to maturity, those lessons become more important and more stressful.  They become “If I don’t study in this class, I will flunk.”  or “If I go out with that person, people will think I am cheap or easy” or “If I want to get into that college, I will have to take these harder classes”.

We become more aware of the necessity of mature thinking.  We become more aware of the need for mature behavior.  Somewhere along the way, we begin to realize we, and we alone, are responsible for the consequences of our words and our actions.  Hopefully, we adjust our behavior and our words accordingly.  But many times, we don’t.  Many times, those words and actions continue into adulthood and we pay for them over and over again.  Sometimes we never realize that our words and actions are what is causing our less than productive life.  Many times a person takes nearly a lifetime, if ever, before they realize they are causing their own downfall.  A person may spend the majority of their life wondering why bad things always seem to happen to them or around them.  Sometimes that person may have something of an awakening and realize they must change their own behavior in order to gain the changes they need.  But other times, that person never sees the obvious.

Hopefully, we gain productive life lessons along the way.  I am in the process of putting together a list of life lessons, perhaps for publication at some point.  I observe the world, and it’s inhabitants, around me in an effort to find these lessons. My friends also provide their insights on the subject.  A few of those lessons are as follows:  {thank you to those who have contributed to this point}

1. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.

2.  If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.

3.  Never pass up the opportunity to use the restroom.

4.  It’s either right or wrong. Period.

5.  Do not live from habit.  Step out and be productive in some way.

6.  You, and you alone, are responsible for your choices.

7.  Do not judge. You don’t have the credentials.

8.  Be kind to those you meet.  You never know their battle.

9.  Smile at every stranger for a day and notice the reactions.

10. Never let your personal happiness depend upon another person.

The list never ends…the learning never ends.

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