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An excerpt from ON THE TRAIN–a work in progress

Beggar’s Hole Zachariah Vaughn blew out a long breath as he stepped back from the dismantled machine.  He had been working on this old tractor for three hours and was no closer to correcting the problem than he was three … Continue reading

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The Absolute Stupidity of Judgement

Everyone does it.  We judge as though we have the qualifications and we judge as though we have the right.  We have neither. Recently, a rally took place by a Neo-Nazi group.  I read an article where a couple of them … Continue reading

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Change and All it Brings

We all go through changes.  Sometimes they are unexpected. Sometimes they are planned. Sometimes they are wonderful changes and sometimes they are devastating. But all changes are a part of who we are and who we become.  If we never … Continue reading

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