The Absolute Stupidity of Judgement

Everyone does it.  We judge as though we have the qualifications and we judge as though we have the right.  We have neither.

Recently, a rally took place by a Neo-Nazi group.  I read an article where a couple of them were attempting to rationalize their beliefs and behavior.  They proclaimed that, because someone has black skin, that person is “substandard” and “less than human”.  These people proclaimed themselves to be “absolute Christians”.  What does that mean?

In my experience and teachings, a Christian is a person who has compassion and love for all.. no matter the color of their skin or the level of their learning or their standing in society.  Why is it that these so called Christians don’t see that?

I have also read of so called Christians who believe that God tells them to be vindictive and harsh toward others.  These people see Christianity as full of vengeance and payment. 

It is, of course, fact that many people take the Bible at face value.  They translate the Word literally.  Many people live by the writing in the Old Testament and in their opinion, the meaning of the words is obvious just as it is. 

Others, however seem to take their own meaning from the Bible and translate it to suit their own wants and needs.  Which is the correct understanding?   It is a question that simply cannot be fully answered.

We all translate the Bible as well as Christianity in itself as we see fit depending upon our education, our experience and, in many cases, our personal choices. Many times, a person will dismiss one part of  teachings because it conflicts with something they don’t want to give up. 

Being judgemental, however, isn’t completely dependent upon Christianity. 

It is my belief a person does not have to be a Christian in order to act in a “Christian” manner.  Perhaps calling it such is even in error.  Let’s just say that a person must act in a HUMAN manner.  

One human does not  have the right or the qualifications to judge another.  Judging another puts that person above others and that is not possible.  We are, each of us, different from everyone else, but NONE of us is better or worse than anyone else.

To judge another person for skin color makes as much sense as judging them for the color of their eyes.  It is simply ridiculous.

Yet, we all judge.   


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