This is what Stream of Thought looks like..

It was bed time and I was trying to wind down.  It was very difficult so I was trying to picture a scene that would ease all the pain and frustration and fear that threatened to paralyze me.  I saw an open field {this one from the Chickamauga Battlefield} with wild grasses waving in the breeze.  In my mind, I sat and watched the gentle flow of the grasses and was reminded of the scene in Gladiator where Russell Crowe’s character was running his hand over the tops of the grasses.  Very peaceful.  Russell Crowe was also in that western film with Sharon Stone where he played a former gunfighter turned preacher. He refused to fight in the beginning.  The man who played Lex Luthor in the original Superman movie was also in the movie. I loved the Superman film with Christopher Reeve.  He became one of my heroes.  After his accident, he showed true heroic character and strength.  After he died, his wife soon died from cancer, I think.  They left behind a son.  I often think about that son and wonder how he is doing.  I find that I normally think about the very minor characters in most scenarios..for instance, in the movie Fargo.  In the end, the mother is kidnapped and killed. The grandfather is killed and the father goes to prison for God knows how long.  Left behind is a young son. What happened to him?  Did he have family who took him in?  Did he grow up well balanced despite the extreme absurdity of what had happened to his parents?  And what about George Bailey’s children?  Did they keep the Savings and Loan going after George was gone? And how was the world rebuilt after the aliens were killed off in Independence Day?  All of these are important things.  And what happened to Elliot after E.T. went home?  What about Gert?  She grew up to love the Boston Red Sox with Jimmie Fallon!  I love that movie.  First, because I generally just like those two actors, but also because I love baseball and Ben has the same passion for the Sox that I feel for the Cardinals. People don’t normally understand that sort of passion unless they share it in some way.  I believe we all need to have a passion for something.  It can be baseball, or it can be gardening, it doesn’t matter.  It is just important.  I like gardening, too.  As a youngster, I spent a LOT of time working in the garden and not always voluntarily.  But I did learn a bit about plants, etc., and I enjoy having them around and caring for them.  I especially love bamboo.  Near my home there is a large grove of bamboo that have to be 12 feet tall.  They are  beautiful to see. There is something about bamboo that I find calming.  So I have found myself going from that open field of grasses to bamboo.  And I fell asleep far before I reached this point.

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