New Project Idea!! Comments needed!!

Saiiesh live in the ancient land of Seii-rahh.  Each community is called a Surround and all things are devoted to the High Spirit-Diihh-and the circle which represents undying devotion. 

Saiiesh are tall, slender and elegant peoples.  Each has long shimmering hair of gold and eyes the color of the sea.  Despite these distinctive features, Saiiesh are able to completely blend into their surroundings when needed.

Saiiesh are farmers and artisans.  Each home is called a hhova and is built from the ancient stone, Beyesia. these homes blend in with the thick setting of trees that encircle the surround.  Beyesia stone is a shimmering and delicate substance which is more durable than any other stone.  It is impervious to all attacks, either by weather or creature.  Hhova are long, low structures with a wide open doorway on the side facing a community cooking fire. Hhova are mainly for sleeping and little else as Saiiesh spend the majority of their time outdoors and among their fellow Saiiesh.

Each community consists of 8 hhova placed in a circle surrounding the cooking fire.  Around the outer edge of the surround are the shared fields where all in the community work on the plantings because all share in the bounty.  A few select females-jehh-are the weavers for all in the surround, creating all clothing and blankets as needed.  Select men-rsii-are responsible for fashioning the needed tools for every day life.  All others contribute to the planting’s care. 

All children-Paiihh-spend their days together being taught by the Rhha, or educator.  Paiihh are taught in what they must know for every day life as Saiiesh, but also in the learning of their personal Tumarr.  Each Saiiesh holds his own Tumarr which brings him in tuned with the High Spirit, Kohhii.

Saiiesh wear loose fitting trousers and tunic of a lightweight fabric.  The weavers create this fabric from the natural fibers in the open field.  The fabrics are dyed to various pale natural colors with no actual significance.  The difference with each person in the waist-wear.  Each Saiiesh wears a number of thin gold chains about their waste.  The number of chains signifies the level reached in the devotion of Kohhii. 

****This is the basic of what I have developed to this point.  I would very much appreciate comments as to ideas, constructive criticism, etc.  Thanks****

Each hhova holds a complete family-extended included.  To separate grandparents from their children’s family is unheard of.  Each family consists of the First Father, called the Hhalfe, the First Mother, called the Hhelfe and each of their High Spirit blessings [children] and their blessings as they are presented from Diihh.-

Each surround has a Most Revered [people’s priest] called Kolaii.  Then there is the Chief, called the Terii.

The surround of Seii-rahh sits peacefully next to the river, Mafhhal at the base of the Ta’hhis mountains.  To the west is the land called Fahhta where lives a people who are closed and suspicious of all others.

The First Family of this surround are:

Hhalfe and Terii are Bonaii.  Hhelfe is Nevhh.  They have been give three High Spirit blessings:

First son is Temeii.  He is joined to Dinhh.

Their High Spirit blessings are Gnii and Dorhh.

First daughter is Porhh who is joined to Yinnii.

Their High Spirit blessing is Trii.

Second daughter is Pirhh who is not yet joined.


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