Peace Found Me

Depression, anxiety and loneliness are such difficult thing to live with. Simply coping sometimes becomes the hardest thing to do. You develop ways to cope most of the time but there are times…days…when nothing seems to work and the depression and the anxieties and the loneliness take you over to a point where you can scarcely breathe. 

My morning began just that way.  I was hurting…badly. I was sobbing for no apparent reason other than I felt horrible. I felt lost and things seemed completely hopeless.  I began to pray.  I have learned in the last few months, especially, that I must pray in order to survive.  I prayed and sobbed..sobbed and prayed until I had a “voice” come into my head.  I was “told” to take a walk.  I know it may sound silly to some, but that was what I felt I was being told to do.  So, without hesitation, I put on my shoes, grabbed my keys, locked my door and started walking.

I live near a large cemetery so I headed that way.  On the far side of the cemetery, I found a bench facing the woods. I sat there, closed my eyes and just listened.  As I sat there, the following bit of prose came into my head.  I am writing it just as it came to me.   I don’t usually do any sort of poetry, but this wasn’t written by me. I feel that God put this into my head, so I am sharing it with that in mind…a need to share the lesson and the blessing.

I might also add that as soon as I left that cemetery and returned home, such a feeling of peace had come over me that I know I was sent on that walk purposely.

~~I found my peace was just a walk away.

     The bird’s song.

     The humming of the bees.

     The sun on my face.

     The breeze in my hair.

     And the Lord in my heart.

     Peace found me.~~

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