Hot and Cold

I didn’t know what time of day it was.  That is what happens when you go to sleep before dawn.  It was dark when I went to sleep and it was dark when I woke. I just figured it was a few moments later.  I struggled from my bed, groggy and shaky.  I turned on the television hoping to wake up fully.  The anchorman on the news broadcast said “Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to Wednesday, the 22nd.”   Ordinarily this would just serve to orient a person a bit better but in this case, it was cause for panic.  Why, you ask?  Because when I went to sleep, it was Monday the 2nd! No one sleeps for 20 days! 

I changed the channel hoping for someone to correct the confusion.  Settling on another news channel, I heard  “Your Wednesday promises to be a cold one, so bundle up out there.”  More panic!  When I went to sleep, it was Early August!  in my part of the country, early August meant heat and humidity-and lots of it! 

I then switched to one of the local stations with my heart in my throat. 

“Good morning, everyone.  We can expect a bit of light this morning, but it will fade quickly.  The cold should remain at about the same level as it has been for the past 3 months.  Try and do your outdoor activities before 10 a.m..  The temperature will drop dramatically around noon and remain that way until tomorrow morning, as usual.”  As usual?  What were they talking about?  It was AUGUST!  It was hot outside!  I headed toward the window to open the blinds but stopped with my hand on the cord.  I found myself afraid to look.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  I pulled the cord raising the blinds.  The sight out my window forced a cry from deep within my soul. 

I fell to the floor and wrapped my arms around my knees.  I was dreaming.  No, it was the worst nightmare! That was it. There was no other explanation.

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