I Thought It Was Night-continued

I woke to a faint light and Todd leaning over me.  I glanced around to find myself on my own sofa. The faint light turned out to be Todd’s cell phone. I pulled myself up slowly to sitting. I still felt a bit wobbly but my confusion was worse.

“What in the world has happened? Todd, what did you say?”  I asked in a whisper.

Todd took a deep breath.  “I know you sleep all day so you didn’t hear about it. So I came over to make sure you were ok.  Do you remember those news reports talking about some ‘unidentified’ group  carrying out those small attacks around the world?”

I merely nodded. I didn’t trust my voice.

“Well, just about dawn, it seems the attacks began again, only this time, they were right out in the open.  They were attacking all the major cities. I mean ALL the cities; Paris, London, Washington D.C..  The government initiated one of those emergency broadcast things and told everyone to stay in their homes. They said not to go outdoors for any reason.  When it started becoming hazy dark in the middle of the day, they broadcast again and warned everyone to NOT turn on any lights at all.  I take it the lights would be targets for an attack, you know?  Anyway, any real details weren’t coming out.  We had no idea WHO was attacking really.  It didn’t seem possible those crazies in the middle east had the capability for something like this.  Russia has been too preoccupied with their own nonsense, plus Moscow was attacked, too.  China was attacked so I can’t think it was them.  So we are under martial law and we have no idea what has happened and we don’t have any idea what we are supposed to do.  All the radio stations are off the air until 9:00 p.m. so I hope we will get some information then.  And that haze that is hanging over everything?  It isn’t like anything I ever saw.  I was in Iraq. I know what it looks like when tanks and guns and crap have been fired. This is different. I don’t know WHAT this is, Dani. To tell  you the truth, I’m scared.  I wasn’t this scared over there, honest to God.” 

I could just see Todd’s hands shaking in the soft glow from his phone.  He seemed to remember it was on and quickly clicked the button to turn it off. 

I tried to think of something to say, some question to ask, but there was nothing there but fear.  I reached out and clasped Todd’s hand with both of mine.  Was this it?  Was our world finally going to hell?  Everyone I knew half joked about that all the time but none believe it.  Not really. Now I wasn’t so sure.

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