I Thought It Was Night

I slept so well.  Having an overnight job, I normally slept through the daylight hours and woke just as the sun was setting.  On Thursday, I arrived home from the job just after sunrise and couldn’t wait another moment to sleep.  So I Had a small snack, undressed and was asleep almost as my head reached the pillows.

When I woke, it was dark as it most often was and I felt rested.  I rose, showered even though I had no plans to leave my home since I didn’t have work that night, and dressed in my most casual and most loved jeans and tee shirt.  As I  was heating milk for cocoa, I gazed out the large window near the dining table to see .. nothing.  There were no lights lit anywhere.  No street lights and no lights shining at the neighbor’s home.  That seemed odd as I knew they left lights on near their back door even if they were away from home.  I went to the front door and looked out to find no light there either.  It seemed odd but I was not alarmed.  I wondered how long it would be before the town would have the street lights on again, but also gloried in the darkness.  This gave me a wonderful opportunity to view the stars in all their glory.  I smiled as I looked up but the smile slipped away.  What was that haze that seemed to be hanging just above the rooftops?  I took a few more steps out only to hear my name called out. 

“Who’s there?”  I called barely over a whisper.

“It’s me, Todd. You have lights on! Turn them off!! HURRY!!”  Todd grabbed my arm and turned me back toward my door. 

“But..wh…”   Before I could ask, he shoved me inside my door and reached to turn off the lights himself.

“Todd! What are you doing? What’s going on?”  I nearly yelled.

“Just get all the lights off. Hurry up!  I will explain it when that’s done.  Don’t even light candles..nothing!”  His voice was shaking.  I had never in the 9 years I had been his neighbor heard Todd at all unsettled about anything and certainly not scared, but right now, he was terrified. It was obvious.  It was because of that I felt myself begin to shake.  

I quickly turned off the kitchen light and felt my way back to where Todd stood at the door. 

“Todd, what the hell is going on?”  I insisted.

“It has happened, Dani.  We have been invaded.”

I felt the darkness overtake me.


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