The Books Lie

Kathy threw the book across the room and watched as it hit the wall and dropped to the floor.  She felt betrayed. She had picked up the book thinking it was a mystery only to find it was one of those romance pieces of crap.  Kathy hated those books.  She would normally read just about anything but never a romance novel. Why?  Because they were full of crap.  Because they were never true to life.  Because those sorts of things NEVER happened to real people. Ok, she saw celebrities living some sort of romantic life and yes, she had known people personally who seemed to have found true love.  True love.  Blah blah blah.  Kathy was completely convinced there was no such thing.  She had lived her life being a good person; smart, educated, good sense of humor, not ugly and yet she was alone. She had nearly always been alone.  The few relationships she had found turned out to be false.  The men she had met turned out to be deceitful and just mean..sometimes abusive.  She quickly learned she could not trust anyone-least of all, men. 

So Kathy became solitary for most of her time.  She went to her job and she went home.  She had few friends she spent time with but she had her books. She lost herself in tales of mystery and history and even a bit of fantasy from time to time, but never one of those ridiculously false romance things. 

Kathy sat in her chair and stared in the general direction of the thrown book.  What was wrong with her? What was it that kept her from having a nice relationship with someone?  She had torn herself up searching for the answer, but none ever came. 

Kathy turned on her television and flipped vaguely through the channels searching for something to take her mind off the constant ache that plagued her heart.  She stopped on a channel advertising an upcoming sci-fi movie.  Once the commercial ended, the program returned only to bring a spasm of pain to Kathy’s heart.  The title was “The Best Love”.  Apparently, it was about a couple who found one another after being separated for several years.  Of course, they fell madly in love again and lived happily ever after.  It was all Kathy could do not to throw her shoe through the television.  Heaving a deep sigh and wiping tears from her cheeks, she went to her room and dressed for bed.  it was only 7:00 in the evening but Kathy needed to sleep.  She needed to get away from the pain if even for a few hours. She swallowed a sleep aid and burrowed under the covers.  It wasn’t even dark out yet but she didn’t care.  For her, it seemed to always be dark.

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